175 Eagle Street was built in 2002 and in 2014 underwent a $20 million refurbishment. The extensive improvements and enhancements have ensured optimum function, comfort and productivity, delivering all the hallmarks of an A Grade building.

Xsart Elevators

Installation of state-of-the-art ThyssenKrupp Xsart elevators with Destination Selection Control ensures quicker journeys with fewer stops. Lifts are assigned by grouping passengers’ destinations, reducing the number of stops and improving capacity.

T5 Luminary Lighting Systems

Our new T5 luminary lighting systems require much less electricity, reduced maintenance and use fewer materials in production and operation.

Zonal Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system has been upgraded to be far more environmentally efficient and is bespoke to each area of the building, so it will provide a more comfortable workplace all year-round.

Interior Renovations

Office spaces have been renovated to the highest standard; including re-carpeting and the replacement of all ceiling tiles. High-performance, metal-backed roller blinds have been installed throughout; facilitating maximum heat and light reflection, for a comfortable work space.

Sustainable Comfort

Together with the upgrades to environmentally efficient air conditioning and lighting systems, 175 Eagle features the latest energy-monitoring meters to help tenants manage electricity usage. This advanced functionality in office sustainability further highlights the buildings’ targeted 4.5 star NABERS energy rating by 2018.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Improvements to the security and surveillance equipment; CCTV and access card system providing customised entry throughout the building.